XP and Treasure

Current XP Total: 11478

4/9/12 – Eleventh Game

XP Per Player: 2100
Treasure: 5 potions of cure moderate wounds, 6 potions of invisibility, 4 potions of stabilize, 3 masterwork rapier, 3 masterwork light crossbow, 60 bolts, 3 +1 studded leather armors, 3 +1 light steel shields, 4 black robes, 4 iron masks, 6 sunrods, 3 thieves’ tools, brooch of shielding (78 points), wand of shield (42 charges), ring of protection +1, +1 greatclub, platinum ring (45 gp), string of severed ears, 8 bottles of Andoren wine (25gp each), silver necklace with jet (300 gp), deed to a plot of land and small manor house in Absalom, gold ceremonial dagger (5000 gp), map of cult influence in Tamran, small whip (non-combat), manacles, 2 bottles of Andoren brandy (20 gp each), 4 vials of exotic perfume (50 gp each), 3 accounting ledgers of Razmir Cult in Tamran, silver raven figurine (radiates magic), gold ring with guild symbol (50 gp), city watch cloak, a pearl (100 gp), leather bundle of artist’s paint brushes, 4 golden censers (10 gp each), 20 agates (10 gp each), 5 carnelians (60 gp each), small topaz (500 gp), small dark wood case with Razmir symbol (40 gp), 5 moonstones (200 gp each), 4 horseshoes (radiates magic), a jar (radiates magic), heavy mace (radiates magic), a potion (radiates magic), bag of holding (type 1), 4 complete sets of city guard uniforms, 23 silver holy symbols, pieces of broken golden chains, 3041 cp, 1859 sp, 1231 gp, 60 pp, a book: The Persistence of Memory

4/2/12 – Tenth Game

XP Per Player: 1500
Treasure: 6 short swords, 12 daggers, 6 studded leather armors, 6 light wood shields, 6 white robes, 9 iron masks, 6 potions of cure light wounds, 3 smokestacks, 3 masterwork rapiers, 3 light crossbows, 60 bolts, 3 saps, 3 +1 studded leather armors, 3 masterwork light steel shields, 3 gray robes, 6 sun rods, 3 thieves’ tools, mask of fear ( +5 on intimidate checks), bone wand (radiates enchantment magic), 87 gp

3/12/12 – Ninth Game

XP Per Player: 400
Treasure: 4 white robes of Razmir, 4 black and white iron masks of Razmir

3/5/12 – Eighth Game

XP Per Player: 800
Treasure: 70 gp

2/27/12 – Seventh Game

XP Per Player: 1300
Treasure: Crystal Rose, 4 alchemist fires, 4 potions of cure light wounds, 13 pp, 28 gp, 16 sp, privateer charter (500 gp), feather token (anchor)

2/20/12 – Sixth Game

XP Per Player: 1400
Treasure: 6 lbs of Royal Jelly (100 gp/lb), ring of protection +1, 2 potions of cure moderate wounds, small longsword +1, small masterwork throwing axe, gold necklace (120 gp)
Rooms completed: 3

2/6/12 – Fifth Game

XP Per Player: 900
Treasure: 4 bottles of high-end Hut Wine from Zelno’s (50gp each).
Rooms completed: 7

1/31/12 – Fourth Game

XP Per Player: 1068
Treasure: 2 bullseye lanterns, 4 flasks of oil, 2 potions of cure light wounds, tarnished silver necklace (200gp), map of the area, potion of cure moderate wounds, 367 gp, handbill for work—-apply at The Ranger’s Lament, +1 chainmail, +1 longsword, bag of holding (type 1), +1 bashing shield, elemental gem (water), 5x Kassen’s boon (1 time reroll of a d20), iron mask (black and white, non-magic), wand of magic missile (CL 3rd, 22 charges), bracers of armor +1, horn of fog, spellbook (All cantrips, cause fear, enlarge person, expeditious retreat, false life, levitate, floating disk, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement)
Rooms completed: 9

A couple things I forgot to mention (in case it wasn’t obvious enough) there was also a map of the area on the body of the dead mage with the iron mask, and a note which reads “The amulets are entombed with Kassen and Asar.”

1/16/12 – Third Game

XP Per Player: 750
Treasure: 5pp, masterwork crossbow, 10 crossbow bolts, +1 dagger.
Rooms completed: 7

1/9/12 – Second Game

XP Per Player: 852
Treasure: 87gp, masterwork short sword, 4 days rations, 3 pillows, 3 quivers with 30 blunt arrows total, 2 pints of lamp oil, 2 backpacks, full waterskin, 2 smokesticks, magic key from pool, 2 wooden tower shields, wand of produce flame (10 charges), scroll of barkskin, masterwork scimitar, potion of invisibility, potion of cure light wounds, wand of mage armor (10 charges), scroll of web
Rooms completed: 10

1/2/12 – First Game

XP Per Player: 408
Treasure: 4 backpacks each with 5 days rations, small tent, winter blanket, full waterskin, piece of map; also 50ft hemp rope, box of tinder and three tinder twigs, potion of cure light wounds, 3 torches, grappling hook, small bottle of brandy

XP and Treasure

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