Tag: Hut


  • Alexus Oakpad

    Alexus is a strong-willed halfling who never put up with flights of fancy from Ambrose when they were children. Since the death of Sheriff Wickham while attacking giants bees, Alexus will probably be named the new sheriff.

  • Allan Oakpad

    Allan is Alexus' husband and will probably be named the new deputy of Hut when Alexus is promoted.

  • Dunleary Appletop

    Dunleary is the mayor of the small halfling village of Hut. He had to unfortunate duty of asking Ambrose to stay away from the village for awhile after the incident with the ogre. Now he is looking for help to solve the bee problem.

  • Shim Longbranch

    A hunter from the village of Hut. He is a cousin to Jimes. His house was destroyed in the "ogre incident." He brought news of the bee problem to Kassen.