Delving into the Past

The Journey Away from Home

To: Grey, the Druid, Fangtooth Forrest
c/o Druid Olmira Treesong, Kassen

Dear Mom and Dad,

I trust you and the cubs are doing well. They must be starting to be weaned by now. I do miss watching them grow up this year. Oh, before I forget again, about 3 weeks ago, during our journey to that forsakened crypt, about one day south of Kassen, we encountered a pack of wolves that appeared to be having difficulty with their hunting. They looked like they were malnourished and starving. Perhaps you should check out the area and see if there’s something going on.

Anyways, it’s been about two weeks since I last wrote. At the time, we had just (barely) defeated a hive of giant bees which was plaguing the village of Hut. Since then, we’ve been mostly travelling. First, on foot, back to Kassen, then ON A BOAT!!! And, at this moment, I am actually in a genuine CITY!!! We arrived in Tamran late last night. You can see the lights from the city from miles away. I suppose such a large settlement does not need to make allowances not to call attention to itself at night.

The journey itself was modestly interesting. Before leaving Hut, the group decided to check out the tracks which led away from the hive of the giant bees, as there were indications that some creatures were aiding the bees. Gorehound, our gnome druid, identified these as belonging to spriggins, some form of fey distantly related to his own race. We managed to follow the trail back to a cave, where the spriggins had set up a small honey processing operation. They appeared to have a strong prejudice against gnomes, and attacked us on sight. (Truth be told, we were trying to sneak up on them.) In any case, after a close battle where both the druid and his lion were incapacitated by the spriggins’ focused attacks, we were able to defeat our foes.

The group then made our way to Kassen. My new bow was ready for me. Yeah! Let me tell you, Dad, this is the coolest thing. It doubles the range of the sling, allows for speedier firing, and, I am able to use my strength to add to the damage. It turns out, I soon had an opportunity to put it to use. We boarded a boat for our trip to Tamran. The captain warned us that we may encounter “lake pirates.” I gather from the conversation that these are basically bandits who attack merchant ships. Well, within sight of the city, we were attacked by one such boat. It turns out, our captain and crew were not inclined to fight off such bandits. Fortunately, their passengers (that’s us!) were. The range attacks came out, and it turned out to be one of the easiest confrontations we’ve had to date. I do not believe the pirates landed a single blow on any of our group when the entire lot of them was disposed of. In any case, we now have a reputation among the sailing class of Tamran.

So, that catches you up to date. Our next step is to follow up on the leads which brought us to this city. I’ll try to write again when I have a chance. Until, then, be well.

Chok, Son of Grey

P.S. – Have either of you heard of harvesting the body parts of humans? I know that some animal parts are used for medicines and other crafts, but I have not heard of human body parts as being useful for such. Perhaps, it’s an activity specific to gnomes?



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