Delving into the Past

The Bees' Knees

As recounted from the personal Journal of Blackthorn (posthumous)

—Cleared tomb of Kassan. Reunited useless Kassanfolk (Cobbler, Cobbler’s sister).
—Put Gnome in a bag of holding for safe keeping
—Returned to ‘village’ of Kassan to Celebratory Feast of the unwashed masses.
—Found out that half-orc sidekick may be a product of an unholy union between 2 furries dressed as skunk and honey-badger. Hippies…to each their own…
—Took advantage of typically-drunken Holgast to attempt recovery of items (including Book of Joy) from secret tower library.
—Sadly, normally competent sidekick Wolfrid challenged by simple magic lock. It’s so hard to find good help these days…
—To the shock of all, sidekick Ambrose is in fact credited with killing an Ogre, albeit by dropping a +3 house on it. However, unfortunate meteor-to-the-head incident has rendered the halfling slightly more useful than a monkey riding a dog.
—Paid visit to something called ‘Hut’ from which Ambrose was exiled post Ogre-killing.
—Met useless sheriff and milksop husband.
—Blackthorn promised a Magic Ring to rid village of giant killer bees. Blackthorn ordered sidekicks to join him in eradicating bee menace.
—Cleared winery of giant bees, received wine in return.
—Began campaign to remove rest of bees from covered bridge…as bees are natural, Blackthorn has maganimously decided to remove Gnomish Druid from bag of holding…



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